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August Garden To Dos

General Garden Care

  • Water all trees/shrubs deeply at least once every three weeks if in the ground.  Plants in containers may need daily water to survive.
  • Keep compost piles slightly moist, turn frequently.
  • Pick up and compost fallen fruit.
  • Stay cool—garden in the early morning or late afternoon.  Avoid mid-day sun!


  • Prune berries when fruiting is finished.
  • Prune Apricots before rains to prevent Eutypa lata fungus from infecting pruning wounds.
  • Prop up fruit tree branches if needed to help with the fruit load.


  • Raise squash and cucumbers off the ground so pests cannot tunnel into the fruit.
  • Start seeds of fall vegetables: direct seed beets, onions, Swiss chard, carrots, parsley, spinach, peas; radishes, lettuce.
  • Start containers of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale.
  • Plant a last row of corn to ripen in the fall.
  • Harvest vegetables frequently.

Flowers & Landscaping

  • Plant fall blooming bulbs (Crocus, Lycoris).
  • Deadhead spent blossoms to keep plants blooming.
  • Divide bearded iris rhizomes if over three years of age.
  • Fertilize spring blooming plants- they are setting their buds now.
  • Fertilize warm season lawns.
  • For fall color, plant seeds of calendulas, Icelandic poppies, stock, snapdragons, sweet alyssum, sweet peas, violas.
  • Cut and dry summer flowers & herbs in dry shade.
  • Cut back straggly early summer color plants.
  • Fertilize chrysanthemums at the end of the month.

Garden Pests

  • Drippy acorns?  Drippy acorns are caused by a bacterium similar to Erwinia amylovora, the organism that causes Pear Fireblight. There is little to be done, just keep the plants as stress-free as possible and clean up fallen leaves regularly.
  • Check plants for mite damage.  UC Pest Note on Spider Mites.


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